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de Gournay in the Spring

A meadow of flowers by Lucy Vail takes bloom from within - a bathroom inveigled by a springtime garden and resident ducklings.
Hand painted onto a powder blue India tea paper, de Gournay's 'Bayville' Chinoiserie composes sprawling trees and dynamic birds as a backdrop to a living carpet of anemones, daffodils and fritillaries, amidst pieces by Drummonds bathrooms.
In a charming interplay between art and life, a blooming meadow of florals - bursting forth within a countryside bathroom, including a clutch of ducklings - compliments the walls, in a celebration of the long awaited arrival of Spring.

Flowers by @lucyvailfloristry

Linens by @rebeccaudallhome

Bath and sink hardware by @drummonds_bathrooms

Mirror and soap stand by @lorfordsantiq