de Gournay helps realise your dreams of a perfect interior. Whether creating a dinner service or Chinoiserie room, a 19th century French Papier Peint or a gold-leaf ceiling, each person who plays a part in bringing this item to life is trained by and works full-time for de Gournay. Our Artisans are experts in the types of clay mixtures, methods of glaze application and temperatures of firing for any piece of porcelain or, indeed, the correct choice of decorative detail and colour for 18th century inspired, hand-painted Chinese wallpapers. This immense knowledge, down to the smallest of details, constitutes the unique strength of the company.


      de Gournay’s preference is for vibrant, balanced and contrasting colours that create an aura of happiness, allowing you to relax surrounded by beauty after a hectic day. However, depending on preference, our artists will work to ensure specific briefs are met to exact standards - these painters use the highest possible skills to help realize the dreams of each client, not impose a style upon them. Whatever the scheme or colour, our signature attention to detail and quality will always shine through.


      Our artisans are artists. Our wallpapers, our fabrics and our dinner plates are works of art. In a hundred years time, they will be sold at auctions as valuable antiques. Each artist leaves a part of his soul in their creation and it is this ‘spirit resonance’ that distinguishes our work from machine made replicas.


      No other firm will interpret your dreams with the same painstaking attention to detail and artistic skill over such a broad range of products as de Gournay. Our signature is exceptional quality in all aspects of our work. We hope that you enjoy it.


      A famous potter in the Ming dynasty was unable to make porcelain as thin and as light as the emperor had requested and so threw himself into the kiln in despair. Though we no longer apply the same pressures, we hope each item we produce represents the ultimate endeavour for perfection that can be achieved by an artist and, embody-ing this intention, will bring you long-lasting happiness.