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Deep Rich Gold gilded paper


Custom colours are available in addition to the standard colours shown above. These grounds are made by hand so variation between lots made at different times should be expected. (P) indicates grounds made from precious metals. (TR) indicates colours made using leaves that will not tarnish.

As backgrounds to any de Gournay wallpaper design or as plain wallcoverings. These papers achieve their best effect when installed by an expert on carefully prepared surfaces. Ensure de Gournay's Hanging Instructions are read before any installation is attempted.

Panel Sizes

3ft (0.915m) wide in any length up to 15ft (4.6m). Tea paper construction panels are also available in extra wide 4ft (1.22m) size.

Pearlescent antique effects

Various antique effects can be specified over any of the gilded wallpaper colours. Multiple layers of metallic pigments are applied on top of the gilded surface creating an effect like artfully tarnished metal, which lends extra depth to the ground while increasing the panelled effect in the finished article.

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Désargenter pearlescent antiquing over Tarnished Silver 59

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New Faint Gold gilded Xuan paper

Construction Types

The colours on this page are all shown on our Gilded Paper construction. Other constructions are possible which change the surface appearance as described below.

Gilded Paper

Metal leaf is laid by hand over a smooth paper surface and burnished. The flat surface gives a high shine and is our crispest, most contemporary metallic effect.

Gilded Silk

Metal leaf is laid by hand onto a woven silk cloth which in turn is laminated to a backing paper. The leaf sits into the indentations of the fine fabric weave giving lower shine and an additional layer of texture than gilded paper.

Gilded Xuan

Metal leaf is laid by hand onto a hand made soft wove-style paper; 'Xuan'. Like the Gilded Silk, the leaf follows the undulations of the Xuan paper to give a soft texture, with the least shine of all the options. For an additional layer of textural interest 'Gilded Tea Paper' is a derivative of this construction in which Gilded Xuan is cut into 12" x 18" (305mm x 457mm) rectangular blocks and re-joined to create a block effect with raised seams between each piece. This can be railroaded to give the effect of an architectural wall of large bricks.