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Kano on Edo Straw India tea paper

Matsushima Waves

Kano on Edo Straw India tea paper


The provenance of the design is a pair of folding screens by Sotatsu, one of the most talented and innovative artists of the Edo Period who headed a painting workshop during the 17th Century known as Tawaraya. The original paintings, amoang only six surviving sets by Sotatsu depict Matsushima (Pine Islands), a famous site near Sendai in northeastern Japan whose beauty inspired both poets and painters. In this design, animated waves envelop graphic rocks that protrude from the fluid landscape.


Colourway: Kano

Ground: Edo Straw India tea paper

Panel width: 915mm

Panel height: Tailored to any wall height

Ref: 660352

Use: We offer a selection of protective finishes making our wall coverings suitable for any interior.

Ordering: Most of our products are made to order; lead times are typically 16-20 weeks. However, we do have a selection of products in stock that are available to purchase immediately. To view our stock products click here. See more on how to order here.


Designs are often tailored in order to perfectly fit within your interior by adapting the pattern to work around furniture, fixtures and fittings. 

Colours within the design can be adjusted to match any palette.

Different backgrounds can be chosen from our extensive selection of silks, textured papers, and gilded grounds which come in a range of colours, see the full selection here.

Fine silk embroidery can be added to all our silk wallpapers, adding an extra level of depth and intricacy. Beading can be applied alongside the embroidery or as a standalone technique. View our embroidered finishes here.